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PBIS Behavior Expectations

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Cafeteria/Lunch Tables


Playground / Black Top

In Line



To be careful not to do anything against someone’s wishes or rights

· Follow teacher directions

· Give teacher your attention

· Use inside voice

· Use kind words

· Keep hands and feet off others

· Be sure to stay in your work space and not go into others’


·   Be polite to staff and peers

·   Chew with mouth closed

·   Keep hands and feet to yourself

·   Eat only your own food

·   Talk…avoid yelling

·   Use Quiet (inside) voices

·   Listen to instruction and directions

·   Raise your hand for


· Wait your turn and share

· Follow game rules

· Use appropriate


· Follow directions from all adults

· When there is a dispute, take a vote

· No rumors/gossip



·      Keep hands and feet to yourself

·      Keep an arm’s length space between you and person in front of you

·      Use inside voices

·      Use kind words

·      Treat others that way

·      you would like to be treated

·      Give others privacy

·      Wait your turn

·      Use inside voices

·      Leave restroom clean

·      Put trash in trash cans



To behave in a sensible way which allows others to trust you

· Stay on task with your work

· Mind your own business – no tattling

· Sit up in chair, mouth closed and looking forward toward teacher

· Take care of classroom materials


·   Wait your turn in line

·   Clean up after yourself

·   Put your trash in the trash can

·   Make healthy choices


·   Take care of your materials

·   Push in your chair

·   Sit and read book once checked out

· Put away all equipment

· Use the restroom and get a drink when you first go out

· Freeze/kneel at the bell

· Tell an adult if someone

is hurt immediately

·      Face forward with hands by your side

·      Report major problems to an adult---No tattling

·      Be prepared to walk when teacher arrives

·      Take care of your “potty” business and exit the restroom

·      Use water and paper wisely and correctly

·      Report all problems to  an adult immediately


To behave in a way that is not likely to cause any physical injury or harm to yourself or others

·      Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

·      Push in your chairs

·      Respect others’ property

·      Line up in a calm and respectful manner without pushing or shoving others


·   Keep hands and feet to self in line

·   Keep food on your plate, in your hands, or in your mouth… not on the ground

·   Pick up your trash

·   Stay in designated


·   Enter and exit by walking quietly

·   While seated, keep 4  legs on the floor

·   Follow all teacher directions

·   Keep hands and feet to yourself – No playing

· Walk to and from the playground

· Use equipment correctly

· Walk on the blacktop at all times

· Play only school approved games

· Keep hands and feet to  self –Play fighting is NOT allowed

· Stay in designated areas


·      Walk at all times

·      No play fighting allowed

·      Watch where you are going

·      Use kind words and  have appropriate conversations


·      Walk to and from restroom

·      Use soap and water when washing hands

·      Keep water in sink

·      No playing around